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Consumers are helping to prioritise research.

Royle, J. & Oliver, S.
BMJ, 323, 48-49.
Added: 21 February 2007

Improving research through consumer involvement.

Cayton, H. & Hanley, B.
In: M. Baker & S. Kirk (Eds.) Research and development for the NHS (pp 195-207). Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.
Added: 27 February 2007

Involving consumers in designing, conducting and interpreting randomised controlled trials: questionnaire survey.

Hanley, B., Truesdale, A., King, A., Elbourne, D. & Chalmers, I.
BMJ, 322, 519-523.
Added: 21 February 2007

Involving users in evaluation: the social relations of user participation in health research.

Truman, C. & Raine, P.
Critical Public Health, 11(3), 215-229.
Added: 20 February 2007

Participatory action research: Lessons learned with Aboriginal grandmothers.

Dickson, G. & Green, K.
Health Care for Women International, 22(5), 471-482.
Added: 27 January 2009

The East Side Village Health Worker Partnership: Integrating research with action to reduce disabilities.

Schulz, A., Israel, B., Parker, E., Lockett, M., Hill, Y. & Wills, R.
Public Health Reports 116, 548-557.
Added: 28 January 2009