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Involving consumers in research and development agenda setting for the NHS: developing an evidence-based approach.

Oliver, S., Clarke-Jones, L., Rees, R., Milne, R., Buchanan, P., Gabbay, J., Gyte, G., Oakley, A. & Stein, K.
Health Technology Assessment, 8(15).
Added: 21 February 2007

Just teach us the skills please, we'll do the rest: Empowering ten-year-olds as active researchers.

Kellett, M., Forrest, R., Dent, N. & Ward, S.
Children & Society, 18(5), 329-343.
Added: 27 January 2009

Learning about service user involvement in mental health research.

Telford, R. & Faulkner, A.
Journal of Mental Health, 13(6), 549-559.
Added: 22 February 2007

Partnership research with older people - moving towards making the rhetoric a reality.

Reed, J., Weiner, R. & Cook, G
Journal of Clinical Nursing, 13(3a), 3-10.
Added: 28 September 2010

Patient and clinician collaboration in the design of a national randomized breast cancer trial.

Marsden, J. & Bradburn, J.
Health Expectations, 7, 6-17.
Added: 22 February 2007

Public involvement in breast cancer research: An analysis and model for future research.

McCormick, S., Brody J., Brown, P. & Polk, R.
International Journal of Health Services, 34(4), 625-646.
Added: 20 February 2007

Research involving mental health consumers and carers: a reference group approach.

Lammers, J. & Happell, B
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 13(4), 262-266.
Added: 28 September 2010