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Long-term views on chronic kidney disease research priorities among stakeholders engaged in a priority-setting partnership: A qualitative study.

Elliott MJ, Sale JEM, Goodarzi Z, Wilhelm L, Laupacis A, Hemmelgarn BR, Straus SE.
Health Expectations, 21(6):1142-1149.
Added: 18 February 2019

Public involvement in health and social sciences research: A concept analysis.

Mel Hughes and Catherine Duffy.
Health Expectations, 21(6): 1183–1190.
Added: 18 February 2019

Embracing complexity and uncertainty to create impact: exploring the processes and transformative potential of co-produced research through development of a social impact model.

Kate Beckett, Michelle Farr, Anita Kothari, Lesley Wye and Andrée le May.
Health Research Policy and Systems 16:118
Added: 23 January 2019

Methods and impact of engagement in research, from theory to practice and back again: early findings from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Forsythe L, Heckert A, Margolis MK, Schrandt S, Frank L.
Quality of Life Research; 27(1):17-31.
Added: 21 January 2019

Public involvement in health research systems: a governance framework.

Fiona Alice Miller, Sarah J. Patton, Mark Dobrow and Whitney Berta.
Health Research Policy and Systems, 16:79.
Added: 21 January 2019

The co-production of what? Knowledge, values, and social relations in health care.

Angela Filipe, Alicia Renedo, Cicely Marston.
PLoS Biology 15(5): e2001403.
Added: 21 January 2019

Patient engagement in Canada: a scoping review of the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of patient engagement in health research.

Elizabeth Manafo, Lisa Petermann, Ping Mason-Lai, and Virgnia Vandall-Walker.
Health Research Policy and Systems,16:5.
Added: 18 January 2019

Craft metrics to value co-production.

Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson and Beth Perry.
Nature 562, 32-33.
Added: 18 January 2019

Patients’ roles and rights in research.

Paul Wicks, Tessa Richards, Simon Denegri, Fiona Godlee.
BMJ; 362:k3193.
Added: 18 January 2019