Research project

Title: A Much Needed Service

Project timescale: From 01 January, 2002 to 30 May, 2002
(Added to website on: 16 January, 2004 - Date last updated: 11 February, 2013)

Source of funding:
Havering, Barking and Dagenham PCT

Aims: 1. Evaluate a crisis house 2. Train mental health service users as researchers

Research designs used:
Other: emancipatory

Methods used to collect data:
Questionnaire survey
Other (please specify):

Research project description: Mental Health Service Users interviewing and sending out questionnaires to users of a crisis house and telephone helpline

Stages at which the public were involved:
Disseminating research
Prioritising topic areas
Planning the research
Managing the research
Designing the research instruments
(eg questionnaires, patient information sheets)
Undertaking the research
Analysing the research

Description of public involvement in research stages: Throughout project

Training and support provided for either members of the public or researchers involved in the project:

Examples of ways the public have made a difference to the research project: Knew which pertinent questions to ask. Design of questionnaires. Carrying out research after training course.

Evaluating the impact of public involvement in the research:

Details of publications or reports resulting from the research: Masters degree project lodged with Anglia Polytechnic University

Links to Reports:

Was/is your project user controlled: Not Known

For further information on the project, please contact:
Jenny Gray
Research Facilitator
HUBB Mental Health User Group
109 Rose Lane
Marks Gate
0208 590 2666


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