Research project

Title: A large randomised assessment of the relative cost-effectiveness of classes of drugs for Parkinson's Disease.

Project timescale: From 01 November, 1999 to 01 October, 2004
(Added to website on: 22 March, 2001 - Date last updated: 20 April, 2007)

Source of funding:
NHS Health Technology Assessment Programme.

Aims: To determine in early disease which class of drug is preferable (Levodopa or Dopamine Agonists or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors). To determine in patients with motor fluctuations uncontrolled by Levodopa alone which class of adjunct is preferable ( Dopamine Agonist or Monamine Oxidase Inhibitor or Comt Inhibitor)

Research designs used:
Randomised controlled trial

Methods used to collect data:
Validated instruments eg Outcome measures

Research project description: A large simple real-life open label RCT of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of classes of drugs, with clinicians free to choose the type of drug within each classes. Primary outcome measure is PDQ-39 - a patient orientated PD specific health-related quality of life instrument. Setting will be hospital, neurology and geriatric out-patients clinics.

Stages at which the public were involved:
Prioritising topic areas
Disseminating research
Other: PDS Representative on Trial Steering Group Committee

Description of public involvement in research stages: Pressing the need for a large RCT to resolve unanswered questions, especially for MAO Inhibitors; Facilitating discussion at DOH; Involvement of PD Nurse Specialist Network.

Training and support provided for either members of the public or researchers involved in the project:

Examples of ways the public have made a difference to the research project: PDS Support emphasisies the focus of the research is on patient reported quality of life, not on clinical measurements; hopefully, involvement of PD nurses encourages high recruitment rate.

Evaluating the impact of public involvement in the research:

Details of publications or reports resulting from the research: No publications available yet

Was/is your project user controlled: Not Known

For further information on the project, please contact:
Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit
Park Grange
1 Somerset Road
B15 2RR
0121 687 2314



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