Research project

Title: CATH-B Study (Chinese community Access to Treatment for Hepatitis B)

Project timescale: From 01 February, 2014 to 30 September, 2015
(Added to website on: 25 February, 2014 - Date last updated: 25 March, 2014)

Source of funding:
Policy Research Programme

Aims: The research team aims to answer the following question: What are the existing barriers for access to diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis B in the Chinese and Far East Asian population in South Yorkshire? Themes that the study aims to identify are: 1. Barriers/facilitators related to the community 2. Barriers/facilitators related to healthcare practitioners 3. Barriers/facilitators related to the health system commissioning and policy

Research designs used:
Study of views/experiences

Methods used to collect data:
Focus groups
Other (please specify): Workshop for consultation and dissemination

Research project description: This study aims to identify drivers for the gap in healthcare access and provision for Chinese residents living in the UK by discussions with the community and health practitioners serving them. Methods: focus group discussions and key informant interviews will be used to identify themes in the community and face-to-face or telephone interviews will be used to identify common themes in health practitioners. Identifying common themes will inform efforts to design and evaluate support tools for the community and practitioners involved, and help to formulate policy to address service gaps.

Stages at which the public were involved:
Assisting in finding and designing appropriate
ways of approaching participants
Designing the research instruments
(eg questionnaires, patient information sheets)

Description of public involvement in research stages: Chinese National Living Centre and Scottish Huntington’s Lothian provided one representative each to the Research Advisory Group; Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) members contributed to the design of information and consent forms. Sheffield Chinese Community Centre provided space and links for a consultation workshop and took part in the Research Fellow interview panel.

Training and support provided for either members of the public or researchers involved in the project: The PPI members received training through the Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN) by way of introduction to research and what contribution is expected; they also participated in basics of hepatitis B and study design and implementation lecture and discussion.

Examples of ways the public have made a difference to the research project: The project has just started but we have already received invaluable advice from the PPI members on the information sheets and through consultation with members of the community on how to recruit and how the results can be disseminated. We can provide more information after the advisory group meets on 5 March 2014.

Evaluating the impact of public involvement in the research:

Details of publications or reports resulting from the research:

Was/is your project user controlled: No

For further information on the project, please contact:
Dr Alicia Vedio
Lead Researcher
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Glossop Road
S10 2JF
United Kingdom


Dr Zhi Hong Liu
University of Sheffield
0114 222 0695



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