Research project

Title: Evaluating the Health Precinct

Project timescale: From 01 October, 2016 to 30 September, 2018
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Source of funding:
Health and Care Research Wales

Aims: The Health Precinct is a joint social and healthcare initiative in North Wales to promote social participation, physical activity and proactive self-management, especially for people with chronic health conditions age 65 or older. The aim of this project is to explore “what works about the Health Precinct, for whom, why and in what circumstances?” In addition, the social value generated by the Health Precinct will be determined. It is intended that the results of this analysis will have generalisability for similar programmes that seek to integrate social and health care services.

Research designs used:
Case Study

Methods used to collect data:
Focus groups
Validated instruments eg Outcome measures
Questionnaire survey
Other (please specify):

Research project description: Promoting well-being for older people in Wales is a core component of the national outcomes framework in the new Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. Local Authorities and Health Boards are being encouraged to work together to identify need, promote well-being and develop integrated services. This study evaluates the Health Precinct, a joint health and social care initiative based in North Wales. Three work-streams are planned: Group interviews with people involved in the delivery and the management of the Health Precinct. This will be followed by individual interviews with people who use the Health Precinct - we will interview people on referral to the Health Precinct and six months later. We will look at the characteristics (e.g., age, gender, geographic area) of people who attend the Health Precinct programme. We will explore the social value generated by the Health Precinct through a social return on investment (SROI) analysis.

Stages at which the public were involved:
Planning the research
Designing the research instruments
(eg questionnaires, patient information sheets)
Seeking funding / applying for funding

Description of public involvement in research stages: The PPI group consists of two participants of the Health Precinct programme, the lay appointed member of the Wales Ministerial Advisory Board on Ageing (the National Partnership Forum for Older People) and the local Older People's Strategy Development Officer. Two members of the PPI group sit on the Project Steering Group to ensure that PPI is embedded throughout the study. During the dissemination phase of the study, PPI members will present at conferences and engage with third sector organisations. Funds have been allocated to cover the costs of PPI training, attendance at the INVOLVE conference and PPI payment for 115 hours relating to ongoing input and contribution to dissemination. 

Training and support provided for either members of the public or researchers involved in the project:

Examples of ways the public have made a difference to the research project: PPI members have advised on the study protocol, information sheets and schedule of questions for focus groups and interviews. 

Evaluating the impact of public involvement in the research:

Details of publications or reports resulting from the research:

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Was/is your project user controlled: No

For further information on the project, please contact:
Dr Carys Jones

Bangor University
LL57 2PZ


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