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Patient participation as dialogue: setting research agendas.

Abma, T. & Broerse, J.
Health Expectations, 13(2), 160-173.
Added: 28 July 2010

Participatory research for health and social well-being.

Abma, T., Banks, S., Cook, T., Dias, S., Madsen, W., Springett, J., Wright, M.T.
Springer International Publishing. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-93191-3
Added: 19 February 2019

What constitutes meaningful engagement for patients and families as partners on research teams?

Agnes Black, Kimberly Strain, Christine Wallsworth, Sara-Grey Charlton, Wilma Chang, Kate McNamee, Clayon Hamilton.
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 23(3), 158–167.
Added: 21 January 2019

Getting back into the world. Reflections on lived experiences of recovery.

Ajayi, S., Bowyer, T., Hicks, A., Larsen, J., Mailey, P., Sayers, R., Smith, R. and two anonymous authors.
London: Rethink.
Added: 28 July 2010

Reflections on qualitative data analysis training for PPI partners and its implementation into practice.

Alison Cowley, Margaret Kerr, Janet Darby & Pip Logan.
Research Involvement and Engagement volume 5, Article number: 22
Added: 21 October 2019

Public involvement in health outcomes research: lessons learnt from the development of the recovering quality of life (ReQoL) measures.

Andrew Grundy, Anju Devianee Keetharuth, Rosemary Barber, Jill Carlton, Janice Connell, Elizabeth Taylor Buck, Michael Barkham, Thomas Ricketts, Dan Robotham, Diana Rose, John Kay, Rob Hanlon and John Brazier.
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes,17:60.
Added: 09 July 2019

Embedding meaningful patient involvement in the process of proposal appraisal at the Dutch Cancer Society

Anne-Floor M Schölvinck, Tjerk Jan Schuitmaker, Jacqueline E W Broerse
Science and Public Policy, Volume 46, Issue 2, Pages 254–263
Added: 30 July 2019

Patient and public engagement in research and health system decision making: A systematic review of evaluation tools.

Antoine Boivin, Audrey L'Espérance, François‐Pierre Gauvin, Vincent Dumez, Ann C. Macaulay, Pascale Lehoux, Julia Abelson.
Health Expectations, 21(6):1075-1084
Added: 19 February 2019