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Patient and public involvement mobile workshops – convenient involvement for the un-usual suspects.

Eccles A, Bryce C, Turk A and Atherton H.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:38
Added: 09 November 2018

Clarifying the mechanisms and resources that enable the reciprocal involvement of seldom heard groups in health and social care research: A collaborative rapid realist review process.

Éidín Ní Shé, Sarah Morton, Veronica Lambert, Cliona Ní Cheallaigh, Vanessa Lacey, Eleanor Dunn, Cliona Loughnane, Joan O’Connor, Amanda McCann, Maura Adshead, Thilo Kroll.
Health Expectations DOI: 10.1111/hex.128 [EPub ahead of print]
Added: 18 February 2019

Patient-expert partnerships in research: how to stimulate inclusion of patient perspectives.

Elberse, J., Caron-Flinterman, F. and Broerse, J.
Health Expectations. 2011 Sep;14(3):225-39.
Added: 17 January 2011

Patients as Research Partners; How to Value their Perceptions, Contribution and Labour?

Elise Smith, Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, David Resnik.
Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4(1):15.
Added: 09 April 2019

Regional working in the East of England: using the UK National Standards for Public Involvement.

Elspeth Mathie, Helena Wythe, Diane Munday, Graham Rhodes, Penny Vicary, Paul Millac and Julia Jones.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:48
Added: 08 January 2019

Identifying and prioritising uncertainties: patient and clinician engagement in the identification of research questions.

Elwyn, G., Crowe, S., Fenton, M., Firkins, L., Versnel, J., Walker, S., Cook, I., Holgate, S., Higgins, B., Gelder, C. on behalf of the JLA Asthma Working Partnership.
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16(3), 627-631.
Added: 28 July 2010

Patient involvement in the development of a psychosocial cancer rehabilitation intervention: evaluation of a shared working group with patients and researchers.

Eva Rames Nissen, Vibeke Bregnballe, Mimi Yung Mehlsen, Anne Kathrine Østerby Muldbjerg, Maja O’Connor and Kirsten Elisabeth Lomborg.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:24
Added: 08 January 2019

Patient involvement in cardiovascular research: a qualitative impact evaluation.

Eva Vroonland, Inge Schalkers, Daphne Bloemkolk & Christine Dedding
Research Involvement and Engagement, 5: 29.
Added: 02 December 2019

Involving service users in trials: developing a standard operating procedure

Evans, B., Bedson, E., Bell, P., Hutchings, H., Lowes, L., Rea, D., Seagrove, A., Siebert, S., Smith, G., Snooks, H., Thomas, M., Thorne, K., Russell, I. and on behalf of the West Wales Organisation for Rigorous Trials
Trials, 14:219 doi:10.1186/1745-6215-14-219
Added: 07 October 2013