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Involving patients in clinical research: the Telescot Patient Panel

Fairbother, P., McCloughan, L., Adam, G., Brand, R., Brown, C., Watson, M., Cotter, N., Mackellaig, J. & McKinstry, B.
Health Expectations doi: 10.1111/hex.12132. [Epub ahead of print]
Added: 28 October 2013

Beyond our expectations: A report of the experiences of involving service users in forensic mental health research.

Faulkner, A.
London: National Programme for Forensic Mental Health R&D.
Added: 03 March 2007

Guidance for good practice: Service user involvement in the UK Mental Health Research Network.

Faulkner, A.
London: Service User Research Group England, UK Mental Health Research Network.
Added: 28 July 2010

Working together – innovative collaboration in social care research

Fleming, J., Beresford, P., Bewley, C., Croft, S., Branfield, F., Postle, K. and Turner, M.
Qualitative Social Work, 13(5), 706-722
Added: 27 April 2015