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Facilitators and barriers to co‐research by people with dementia and academic researchers: Findings from a qualitative study.

Jacob Waite, Fiona Poland, Georgina Charlesworth.
Health Expectations, 22(4): 761-771
Added: 06 November 2019

Early-career researchers’ views on ethical dimensions of patient engagement in research.

Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, Geneviève Rouleau and Stanislav Birko.
BMC Medical Ethics 19:21
Added: 27 April 2019

The challenge of inclusive coproduction: The importance of situated rituals and emotional inclusivity in the coproduction of health research projects.

Jenelle Clarke, Justin Waring and Stephen Timmons.
Social Policy and Administration EPub ahead of print.
Added: 09 January 2019

Practical considerations in improving research through public involvement

Jenner, M., Gilchrist, M. and Baker, G.
Research Involvement and Engagement, 1, 3
Added: 30 July 2015

How to involve children and young people in what is, after all, their research.

Jenny Preston, Simon R Stones, Hugh Davies, Bob Phillips.
Archives of Disease in Childhood 2019;104:494-500.
Added: 29 January 2020

Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research.

Jill D. Nault Connors , Marshall J. Conley and Laura S. Lorenz.
Research Involvement and Engagement, 5:39
Added: 10 December 2019

Sustaining patient and public involvement in research: A case study of a research centre

Jinks, C., Carte, P., Rhodes, C., Beech, R., Dziedzic, K., Hughes, R., Blackburn, S. and Ong, B.
Journal of Care Services Management, 7(4), 146-154
Added: 27 April 2015

Involving consumers in the work of a data linkage research unit

Jones, K., McNerney, L. and Ford, D.
International Journal of Consumer Studies, 38, 45-51
Added: 10 June 2014

Evaluating Patient, Family and Public Engagement in Health Services Improvement and System Redesign.

Julia Abelson, Anya Humphrey, Ania Syrowatka, Julia Bidonde and Maria Judd.
Healthcare Quarterly Vol.21 Special Issue: 61-67.
Added: 10 January 2019