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Adapting the James Lind Alliance priority setting process to better support patient participation: an example from cystic fibrosis.

N. J. Rowbotham, S. J. Smith, Z. C. Elliott, P. A. Leighton, O. C. Rayner, R. Morley & A. R. Smyth.
Research Involvement and Engagement volume 5, Article number: 24
Added: 09 December 2019

Patient and public involvement in doctoral research: Impact, resources and recommendations.

Nia Coupe & Amy Mathieson
Health Expectations, Epub ahead of print, DOI: 10.1111/hex.12976
Added: 19 December 2019

Developing consumer involvement in primary care research.

Nickeas, R. & Stewart, J. on behalf of the Nottingham Primary Care Research Partnership
NHS Nottinghamshire County
Added: 24 November 2010

Partnering with community-based organisations: An academic institution's evolving perspective.

Norris, K., Brusuelas, B., Jones, L., Miranda,, J., Duru, K. & Mangione, C.
Ethnicity & Disease, 17(suppl 1), S1-27 - S1-32.
Added: 28 January 2009