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A co-produced method to involve service users in research: the SUCCESS model.

Bridie Angela Evans, Alison Porter, Helen Snooks and Vanessa Burholt.
BMC Medical Research Methodology,19:34
Added: 18 March 2019

A little more conversation please? Qualitative study of researchers’ and patients’ interview accounts of training for patient and public involvement in clinical trials

Dudley, L., Gamble, C., Allam, A., Bell, P., Buck, D., Goodare, H., Hanley, B., Preston, J., Walker, A., Williamson, P. and Young, B.
Trials, 16: 190
Added: 06 July 2015

A lung cancer research agenda that reflects the diverse perspectives of community stakeholders: process and outcomes of the SEED method.

Carlin L. RafieEmail authorView ORCID ID profile, Emily B. Zimmerman, Dawn E. Moser, Sarah Cook and Fatemeh Zarghami
Research Involvement and Engagement 5:3
Added: 29 January 2019

A practice-based tool for engaging stakeholders in future research: A synthesis of current practices

Guise, J., O'Haire, C., McPheeters, M., Most, C., Labrant, L., Lee, K., Barth Cottrell, E. and Graham, E.
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 66(6), 666-74
Added: 27 April 2015

A taxonomy of impacts on clinical and translational research from community stakeholder engagement.

Sarah C. Stallings, Alaina P. Boyer, Yvonne A. Joosten, Laurie L. Novak, Al Richmond, Yolanda C. Vaughn, Consuelo H. Wilkins.
Health Expectations Epub,
Added: 30 July 2019

Accessible article: Involving people with learning difficulties in research.

Garbutt, R., Tattersall, J., Dunn, J. & Boycott-Garnett, R.
British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 38(1), 21-34.
Added: 28 July 2010

Adapting the James Lind Alliance priority setting process to better support patient participation: an example from cystic fibrosis.

N. J. Rowbotham, S. J. Smith, Z. C. Elliott, P. A. Leighton, O. C. Rayner, R. Morley & A. R. Smyth.
Research Involvement and Engagement volume 5, Article number: 24
Added: 09 December 2019

Advancing patient engagement: youth and family participation in health research communities of practice.

Woodgate R, Zurba M and Tennent P.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:9
Added: 05 November 2018

Alzheimer Europe's position on involving people with dementia in research through PPI (patient and public involvement).

Gove D, Diaz-Ponce A, Georges J, Moniz-Cook E, Mountain G, Chattat R, Øksnebjerg L, European Working Group of People with Dementia.
Aging and Mental Health, 22(6):723-729.
Added: 18 January 2019