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Evaluating services in partnership with older people: exploring the role of ‘community researchers’

Evans, S., Corley, M., Corrie, M., Costley, K. & Donald, C.
Working with Older People, 15(1), 26 – 33
Added: 20 March 2012

Evaluation of the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative’s user involvement model

Papworth Research & Consultancy Ltd. Commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support
Papworth Research & Consultancy Ltd: Brighton, England. Commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support.
Added: 08 February 2012

Involving people living with dementia: Making involvement count. 'What works' resource pack.

Involving People Living with Dementia Reference Group
Commissioned by South West Dementia Partnership
Added: 26 March 2012

Mental health researchers’ toolkit for involving service users in the research process

Armes, D., Barret, J., Hindle, D., Lemonsky, F. and Trite, J.
Mental Health Research Network: London, England
Added: 08 February 2012

No one knows like we do – the narratives of mental health service users trained as researchers

Palmer, D., Williams, L., White, S., Chenga, C., Calabria, C., Branch, D., Arundal, S., Storer, L., Ash, C., Cuthill, C., Bezuayehu, H. and Hatzidimitriadou, E.
Journal of Public Mental Health, 8(4), 18-28
Added: 08 February 2012

Older carers involvement in research: why, what and when?

Kennedy, S. in association with involved carers
University of Nottingham: Nottingham, UK and London: Macmillan Cancer Support
Added: 08 February 2012

Patient and public involvement toolkit

Cartwright, J. and Crowe, S.
Chichester, BMJ Books ISBN 978-1-4051-9910-0
Added: 15 February 2012

Peer research in action.

Roche, B., Guta, A. & Flicker, S.
Ontario: The Wellesley Institute
Added: 26 January 2011