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Title: Involving users in evaluation: the social relations of user participation in health research.
Author: Truman, C. & Raine, P.
Date Published: 2001
Reference: Critical Public Health, 11(3), 215-229.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


This paper describes the development of a participatory research project that aimed to evaluate services in a community mental health service. The goal was to provide evidence to inform service development.

At the beginning of the project there was little user involvement, but this increased over time. At the later stages users set their own agenda and developed their own line of work beyond the scope of the project.
The authors reflect on how the users changed the direction of the research and conclude that the quality and the validity of the research improved as user participation increased. They believe that their study would have benefited from user involvement right from the beginning and also conclude that users are the best critics of any research protocol. 

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Categories: health
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Identifying topics, prioritising and commissioning
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impact of public involvement
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