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Title: Patient and public engagement in research and health system decision making: A systematic review of evaluation tools.
Author: Antoine Boivin, Audrey L'Espérance, François‐Pierre Gauvin, Vincent Dumez, Ann C. Macaulay, Pascale Lehoux, Julia Abelson.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Health Expectations, 21(6):1075-1084
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: Aim: To review and assess the tools available for evaluating patient and public involvement in research and health services. Method: A literature review. Two independent reviewers assessed the evaluation tools based on 4 criteria: scientific rigour, patient and public perspective, comprehensiveness and ease of use. Results: 27 articles were included. Most of these tools were developed in the last decade and were designed to support improving the process of involvement. Only 11% of tools were based on a literature review, and 7% were tested for reliability. Patients and members of the public were involved in designing 56% of the tools, mainly in the piloting stage, and 18.5% of tools were designed to report evaluation results to patients and the public. Conclusion: A growing number of evaluation tools are available but more scientific rigour and more patient and public involvement is needed in their development.

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