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Title: Development of the ACTIVE framework to describe stakeholder involvement in systematic reviews.
Author: Pollock A, Campbell P, Struthers C, Synnot A, Nunn J, Hill S, Goodare H, Morris J, Watts C, Morley R.
Date Published: 2019
Reference: Journal of Health Services Research & Policy. doi: 10.1177/1355819619841647. Epub ahead of print
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: This article reports on the development of the ACTIVE framework to describe how patients, health professionals and the public are involved in systematic reviews. The authors first reviewed the literature looking at frameworks relating to other areas of public involvement. They developed a draft ACTIVE framework, tested it at a conference workshop and then applied it to 32 systematic reviews to refine it. The final ACTIVE framework describes whether: patients, carers and/or families, and/or other stakeholders (including health professionals, health decision makers and funders) were involved; whether recruitment was open or closed; whether the approach to involvement was either one-time, continuous or combined; and whether the method of involvement was direct or indirect. The stage of involvement in reviews was defined using the Cochrane stages. The level of control or influence was defined according to the roles and activities of stakeholders in the review process, and described as the ACTIVE continuum of involvement. This work has contributed to the development of learning resources aimed at supporting systematic review authors and editors to involve stakeholders in their reviews.

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