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Title: Ethical Challenges Related to Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment.
Author: Meredith Vanstone, Julia Abelson, Julia Bidonde, Kenneth Bond, Raquel Burgess, Carolyn Canfield, Lisa Schwartz and Laura Tripp.
Date Published: 2019
Reference: International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care Epub DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0266462319000382
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: Involving patients in HTA has the potential to improve the process and outcomes of health technology policy decisions. For this reason, patient involvement in HTA activities has increased over the past several years. Unfortunately, there hasn’t always been a parallel increase in resources, time, or commitment to respond to patient input. The authors reflect on their experiences of patient involvement in HTA to highlight the ethical challenges, particularly if the involvement isn’t done well. They are deeply concerned about the potential for involvement to do ethical harm. They call for action to introduce strong protections to avoid harm to patients participating in HTA involvement activities.

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