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Title: Consumer involvement in decisions about what health-related research is funded.
Author: O'Donnell, M. & Entwistle, V.
Date Published: 2004
Reference: Health Policy, 70, 281-290.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: To find out whether, why and how research funders involve consumers in decisions about what health-related research is funded.

Methods: A survey and telephone interviews with staff working for UK funders of health-related research.

Findings/recommendations: 69 organisations responded to the survey and 17 agreed to follow-up interviews. They gave different reasons for why they involved consumers in funding decisions, but the most common was that their involvement ensures that research is more relevant and important to consumers. Different organisations have different structures and processes for making funding decisions and therefore involve consumers in a variety of ways. Little is known about what impact this involvement has. The authors conclude that the future development of consumer involvement in research agenda setting needs to consider not only when and how best to involve consumers, but also needs to critically assess the whole system and the roles of other stakeholders.

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Categories: nature and extent of public involvement in research
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