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Title: Why people get involved in health and social care research: a working paper.
Author: Tarpey, M.
Date Published: 2006
Reference: Eastleigh: INVOLVE.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: To explore what is known about people's motivations to get involved in health and social care research.

Method: A review of the literature (including grey literature) as well as personal accounts from people who have been involved in research. These accounts were obtained from people responding to an advertisement in the INVOLVE newsletter.

Findings/recommendations: The paper discusses:

  • what motivates people to get involved in research
  • who gets involved and ways they are involved 
  • what factors influence motivation 
  • how to motivate people.
The conclusions are:
  • people have varied motivations
  • people need to be made more aware of involvement opportunities
  • researchers need to be flexible when involving people in order to meet their preferences for involvement
  • people need to be convinced their involvement will make a difference
  • people need training and support to be involved
  • researchers need to be more proactive in engaging diverse groups.

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Categories: health
public health
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reflecting on public involvement in research

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