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Title: Immigrant women implementing participatory research in health promotion.
Author: Meyer, M., Torres, S., Cereno, N., MacLean, L. & Monzon, R.
Date Published: 2003
Reference: Western Journal of Nursing Research, 25(7), 815-834.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This report describes the experience of using participatory research methods with Hispanic women to collect information about community needs and provide health education. The authors were particularly interested to explore combining participatory research with health promotion activities.

The participatory researchers from the community reported that:
  • their new interviewing skills helped them to develop closer contacts with other community members and helped to strenghten previously established links
  • they learnt a lot about the community in terms of their health needs and carriers to accessing health services
  • they gained confidence and a sense of personal satisfaction.

The researchers reported that this approach:

  • enhanced the professional credibility of the team in the community
  • helped improve explanations of confidentiality to participants, which in turn generated greater levels of trust, and made it easier to discuss personal health issues with the women
  • is very resource intensive and requires a lot of time and commitment from all involved.

They concluded that the combination of approaches worked well as it made it possible to give something back to the women who took part in the study. The women received relevant health information as well as being asked about their needs. However, this did create some problems for the participatory researchers. They sometimes felt overwhelmed by high expectations and greater than anticipated levels of need.

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