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Title: Development of a questionnaire to measure service user satisfaction within in-patient forensic services - The Forensic Satisfaction Scale.
Author: Beer, D., Keeble, P., MacInnes, D., Rees, D. & Reid, L.
Date Published: 2005
Reference: Liverpool: National Programme on Forensic Mental Health R&D
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To develop a reliable and valid questionnaire to assess levels of service user satisfaction with forensic in-patient services with active service user involvement in all stages of the research.

Methods: Focus groups with service users to find out what issues are important to them in determining their level of satisfaction with services. Developing a new measure and piloting this scale in a cross-sectional survey to test its reliability and validity. Service user members of the research team were involved in developing the protocol, the study design, data collection and analysis, writing up and dissemination of results.

Findings/recommendations: The positive impact of involving service users are reported as:

Benefits for the service users:

  • payment for their contribution
  • greater awareness of different viewpoints
  • being challenged
  • greater confidence
  • developing networks
  • new knowledge and skills
  • making a positive contribution to research and services.

Benefits for the researchers:

  • service user input into the research tools
  • developing clearer explanations of the research process
  • access to participants who might not have otherwise been recruited
  • service user input into interpreting the results
  • understanding which issues are important to service users
  • challenges to power structures and perceptions of health professionals.

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