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Title: Testing treatments: Better research for better healthcare.
Author: Evans., I., Thornton, H. & Chalmers, I.
Date Published: 2006
Reference: London: British Library. (ISBN 071234909X)
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


The aim of this book is to generate a wider understanding of how treatments can and should be tested fairly. It highlights issues that are fundamental to ensuring that research is designed to address the questions that matter most to patients and health professionals.

Much of the book reviews evidence that a lot of time, money and effort is wasted on research that is poor quality or unnecessary. Chapter 7 discusses how greater public involvement in research, especially in identifying research topics, could help to ensure that research better meets the needs and interests of patients. It includes a number of examples of where patient involvement has helped to define the research question and improve the quality of research.

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Website: http://www.testingtreatments.org/

Categories: health
Identifying topics, prioritising and commissioning
Designing research
impact on funding/commissioning
impact on research
impact of public involvement

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