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Title: Increasing research impact through partnerships: evidence from outside health care
Author: Walter, I., Davies, H. & Nutley, S.
Date Published: 2003
Reference: Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 8 (supplement 2), S2:58-S261
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: This paper summarises the findings of a review of research impact initiatives. This was international in scope and covered education, health care, criminal justice and social care literature. This paper focues on findings from outside health care, to try to draw out learning for health.

Method: A literature review of English language papers from 1990.  It looked at the conceptual frameworks that underpin different research impact initiatives and evidence of their effectiveness.  
Findings/recommendations: The authors found strong evidence that formalised collaborations between researchers and research users can encourage use of research. Partnerships are most effective when research users are involved at all stages of the research process, rather than just being involved in dissemination.
Partnerships can also make research usable in a wider context. The allocation of specific funds for dissemination and development and the inclusion of evidence of partnershjps as one of the criteria for funding also led to an increase in the range and number of dissemination and implementation activities. 
The researchers conclude that partnerships can enhance the credibity of research amongst research users, thus promoting its use. 
They summarise the benefits of partnership as described by researchers - these include the development of enhanced networks, increased understanding of the field and increased motivation. A number of barriers to partnership are also summarised.  

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