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Title: If we help you what will change? Participatory research with young people
Author: Petrie, S., Fiorelli, L. & O'Donnell, K.
Date Published: 2006
Reference: Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 28(1), 31-45
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: This paper describes a participatory research project about teenage pregnancy and young parenthood, where a number of young people were actively involved.  It considers the impact of this involvement, both on the young people and on the research itself.

Method: The research involved peer group interviews, which took place in a number of towns across the UK.  There was a Young People's Advisory Group at each of the research sites. These groups undertook some interviewing and looked at preliminary research findings. A range of young people were involved for all or part of the project.
Findings/recommendations: This paper includes the reflections of two young women who were involved in the project.  They discuss some of the unwelcome and negative press attention they received as a result of their involvement, and how they challenged this.  They comment: "We have gained confidence, friends and pride (in ourselves and our children)." 
The authors conclude that it is possible to involve young people in research in a meaningful way, and that this involvement enhances the research process. They consider the financial and other costs of this involvement, and talk about what they have learned.  They also consider how young people enabled the researcher to gain understanding about the culture of young people and to interpret the research findings.  

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