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Title: Toward the improvement of tuberculosis control and participatory research.
Author: Marais, F.
Date Published: 2007
Reference: London: Department of Primary Care and Social Medicine, Imperial College.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: To investigate the social, economic, legal, political and organisational factors influencing the emergence and control of TB in migrant African communities in Westminster, London.

Method: Surveys, interviews, community consultations with migrant Africans and key stakeholders from multiple sectors. Members of the community were engaged as research partners from the beginning and involved in all stages of the research process. They were recruited to a Community Advisory Panel overseeing the research as well as being employed as Community Research Fieldworkers.

Findings/recommendations: The involvement of community members was formally evaluated through questionnaires and feedback forms. The evaluation of the Community Advisory Panel showed that it:

  • achieved co-ownership of the entire research
  • ensured the study was culturally appropriate and sensitive 
  • broke down barriers between different communities and sectors 
  • enabled the study to respond to recommendations from community members and achieved a focus on the needs of communities rather than organisations
  • provided a rich and empowering learning experience for its members
  • developed into a resource of information and access to migrant African communities for outside agencies.

The evaluation of the Community Research Fieldworkers showed that:

  • some had been able to engage a diverse range of communities, but language barriers and limited access prevented them from engaging with communities other than their own
  • they helped the wider community by providing information about TB and its control.
The community members who were involved said they benefited from:
  • increased knowledge about TB
  • greater confidence, self-esteem and motivation 
  • new skills 
  • improved cross-cultural awareness and understanding 
  • enhance employment potential.

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