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Title: Eliciting users' views of ECT in two mental health trusts with a user-designed questionnaire.
Author: Philpot, M., Collins, C., Trivedi, P., Treloar, A., Gallacher, S. & Rose, D.
Date Published: 2004
Reference: Journal of Mental Health, 13(4), 403-413.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known



  • to determine whether a user-developed questionnaire could be used to measure user satisfaction with ECT
  • to find out users' views of ECT as a treatment
  • to compare findings from two mental health trusts.

Methods: A mental health service user group designed a self-report questionnaire and sent this to every patient who received ECT during the period of the study.

Findings/ recommendations: This is the first prospective study of users' experiences of ECT which is based on a questionnaire designed by users. (Other studies with user-involvement have asked about people's past experience of ECT, whereas this study asked everyone who received treatment as the study went along). This overcomes criticisms of previous user-led studies, where the methods used to survey users may have led to an unusually high level of negative responses.

This study confirmed that there is a difference between clinician-led and consumer-led studies in terms of the reported benefits of ECT. As has been found with other user-led studies, fewer users said that ECT had helped them and fewer people would consider having ECT again.

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