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Title: Participative mental health research: Users and professional researchers working together.
Author: Ramon, S.
Date Published: 2000
Reference: Mental Health Care, 31(7), 224-228.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


This paper describes two research projects that involved mental heath service users in research. The first was an evaluation of a user-run information and support organisation. The second aimed to explore the experiences of people with personality disorders.

Involvement in the projects helped service users to:

  • become familiar with research and learn the skills for themselves
  • gain confidence
  • enjoy the creative elements of the project
  • feel like they were contributing again, being socially useful and acknowledged.

The researchers benefited from:

  • a better understanding of the lives of service users and lay perceptions of research that allowed them greater reflection and a more critical perspective
  • more truthful information from the research participants than would have otherwise been possible.

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