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Title: A case study in the use of community-based participatory research in public health nursing.
Author: Savage, C., Xu, Y., Lee, R., Rose, B., Kappesser, M. & Anthony, J.
Date Published: 2006
Reference: Public Health Nursing, 23(5), 472-478.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: To explore the culture of pregnancy and infant health in an African American community via an ethnographic study.

Methods: The researchers set up a community partnership with the help of two community nurses. The core group overseeing the project included nurse researchers, public health nurses from the stakeholder organisations and women who lived in the community.

Findings/recommendations: The involvement of community members helped to improve the design and conduct of the research by:

  • shaping the recruitment strategy using local knowledge
  • checking the research tools were culturally relevant
  • helping the researchers gain entrance to the community
  • analysing the data and helping to draw out relevant themes.

The researchers comment on the benefits of the participatory approach and also explain how they had to change the way they worked to ensure genuine collaboration.

This project helped the group to form a strong partnership which has helped them to continue this work, conducting a survey based on the findings of this study and developing a new intervention that was relevant to the community and had complete community support.

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