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Title: The East Side Village Health Worker Partnership: Integrating research with action to reduce disabilities.
Author: Schulz, A., Israel, B., Parker, E., Lockett, M., Hill, Y. & Wills, R.
Date Published: 2001
Reference: Public Health Reports 116, 548-557.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This article describes the findings from an evaluation of the East Side Village Health Worker Partnership. The aim of the Partnership was to address the social determinants of health on Detroit's east side using lay health advisers. Community partners were involved in all stages of the ongoing research and evaluation process, including designing the study, interpreting the results and integrating the findings into the work of the Partnership.

A major part of the evaluation assessed whether the Partnership had made any difference to the research carried out to inform the development and implementation of the project. It showed that the collaboration between community members and researchers had improved research methods and the implementation of the findings.

Community members helped to develop a locally relevant model of stress and health which helped to shape an initial survey of the community. They developed the questionnaire and were also hired as interviewers. The survey had an 81% response rate, attributed to the efforts of the community researchers. They helped address local people's mistrust of research and increased the community's understanding and support for the survey.

Working together to interpret and disseminate the results helped to increase the clarity and depth of the findings and led to a shared vision of priorities for change.

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