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Title: Involving patients as advisors in pharmacy practice research: What are the benefits?
Author: Sutton, J. & Weiss, M.
Date Published: 2008
Reference: International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 16(4), 231-238.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


Aim: To describe how people with a chronic condition were involved as advisors to a research project exploring prescribing by pharmacists.

Method: 10 people with a chronic condition attended six meetings with researchers over the course of a year. The researchers took an ethnographic approach to reflect on these meetings and the impact of user involvement.

Findings/recommendations: The patient advisors helped to maintain a strong patient focus and kept the project grounded in the patient's perspective. They made a significant contribution to the content and direction of the project. They helped to shape the interview schedules and offered comments on interview transcripts. Their conclusions were incorporated into the final report.

The researchers report that at first it was difficult  to shift from being in control to taking a more participative role, but by the end of the project they felt more confident of their skills as facilitators.

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