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Title: The impact of consumer involvement in research: An evaluation of consumer involvement in the London Primary Care Studies Programme.
Author: Wyatt, K., Carter, M., Mahtani, V., Barnard, A., Hawton, A. & Britten, N.
Date Published: 2008
Reference: Family Practice, 25(3), 154-161.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To evaluate consumer involvement in the 11 studies within the London Primary Care Studies Programme and understand the impact on research processes and outcomes.

Method: A multi-method approach was used, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation and scrutiny of written documents. The evaluation team included a service user researcher.

Findings/recommendations: Consumers had an impact on the various projects in:

  • the initial design of the study
  • recruitment of research subjects
  • developing data collection tools
  • collecting the data
  • the analysis and findings.

The greatest impacts of involvement were in the projects that strove to ensure service users and carers were partners throughout the research.

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