Putting it into Practice

Title: An evaluation of the process and impact of patient and public involvement in the advisory groups of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration.
Author: TwoCan Associates
Date Published: 2009
Reference: London: UKCRC.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: This is a report of an independent evaluation of involving patients and members of the public in the advisory groups of the UKCRC. These groups were involved in high-level strategic decision making, influencing national research policy and practice. The evaluation drew out useful lessons for the UKCRC in terms of developing their patient and public involvement. The report also provides details of: the approach used to recruit and select people to be involved the induction event for new members the forms used to evaluate group meetings

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    Categories: lessons from direct experience of involvement
    recruiting people to be actively involved in research
    strategic level decision making
    members of the public
    evaluating user involvement
    staff in research organisations

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