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Title: Identifying and prioritising uncertainties: patient and clinician engagement in the identification of research questions.
Author: Elwyn, G., Crowe, S., Fenton, M., Firkins, L., Versnel, J., Walker, S., Cook, I., Holgate, S., Higgins, B., Gelder, C. on behalf of the JLA Asthma Working Partnership.
Date Published: 2010
Reference: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16(3), 627-631.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: This article describes how a collaboration of patients, carers and clinicians were supported to develop a prioritised list of treatment uncertainties that need further research. The project was facilitated by the James Lind Alliance. The Working Partnership was set up between Asthma UK and the British Thoracic Society.

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