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Title: Involving burn survivors in agenda setting on burn research: An added value?
Author: Broerse, J., Zweekhorst, M., van Rensen, A. & de Haan, M.
Date Published: 2010
Reference: Burns, 36(2), 217-231.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This project followed a 'Dialogue Model' to identify priorities for burns research. Initially burn survivors and professionals were consulted separately about their priorities. Subsequently, the two groups met and presented and discussed their views, working together to prioritise the top 15 most important research topics.
There was a lot of overlap between the two groups, but both identified topics specific to their group. As a result of the discussions, one of the survivors' priority topics ended up as number 2 on the final list, although the topic had not been raised previously by the professionals.
The Dutch Burns Foundation has since established a pilot programme to fund the research topics that were identified as a priority, but are currently under-researched. The professionals at the meeting have also adapted their current research projects to reflect the survivors' interests. Some have also carried out further follow-up work to explore the issues in more depth. This has led to another pilot project to test a buddy system that will aim to address another of the survivors' priorities, the lack of psycho-social aftercare.

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