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Title: Service user perceptions of involvement in developing NICE mental health guidelines: A grounded theory study.
Author: Harding, E., Brown, D., Hayward, M, & Pettinari, C.
Date Published: 2010
Reference: Journal of Mental Health, 19(3), 249-257.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This study aimed to find out what service users thought about their involvement in the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence's (NICE) guideline development. 10 interviews were carried out with guideline development group (GDG) representatives. The interviewer was a service user representative on an early GDG.
Part of the work of the GDGs involves identifying the research needed to fill any gaps in the evidence base. The service users involved reported having influenced research questions and having identified priorities for outcomes for treatment.
They described how they were able to see the whole person, not only the 'small points' that research often addresses and so were able to judge and elaborate on the evidence used in debate. They were thus able to ensure transparency, as well as influencing GDG decisions.

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