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Title: Benefits of and barriers to involving users in medical device technology development and evaluation.
Author: Shah, S. & Robinson, I.
Date Published: 2007
Reference: International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 23(1), 131-137.
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To investigate the benefits of and barriers to user involvement in medical device technology development and evaluation.
Methods: Literature review.

Findings: The main benefits of user involvement are increased information about users' needs, experiences and ideas. Users generate ideas for both new and innovative products. Involvement also leads to improvements in the design, interface, function, usefulness and quality of medical devices. It is more useful if users are involved in the early stages, such as concept and idea generation, as well as the development, prototype testing and trials stages, rather than just in the late stages of product testing.

The main barriers to involvement are lack of resources, particularly time and money.

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