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Title: VOICE: Developing a new measure of service users’ perceptions of inpatient care, using a participatory methodology
Author: Evans, J., Rose, D., Flach, C., Csipke, E., Glossop, H., McCrone, P., Craig, T. and Wilkes, T.
Date Published: 2012
Reference: Journal of Mental Health, 21(1), 57-71
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This article reports on the development of a patient-reported outcome measure of perceptions of acute care in mental health. Service user researchers carried out the study and constructed the measure, VOICE, from the qualitative data. The measure was validated by expert panels of service users and tested for its validity and reliability. VOICE includes the issues that service users consider to be important in assessing the quality of care and is different to other measures. It places more emphasis on safety and security issues as well diversity and did not include items on the physical environment or office procedures. It provides a more in-depth assessment of users’ expectations and evaluation of care, beyond a simple measure of satisfaction. It has strong psychometric properties and is suitable for use in research settings.

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