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Title: An evaluation of service user involvement in studies adopted by the Mental Health Research Network
Author: Staley, K.
Date Published: 2012
Reference: London: Mental Health Research Network
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known


This report summarises the findings from an evaluation of 45 studies selected at random from the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) portfolio. The lead researchers from these studies were interviewed to find out how they had involved service users in their research and what difference this had made. Nine projects were then shortlisted to develop case studies. A second more in-depth interview was carried out with the lead researcher as well as with a service user from each project. The case studies illustrate what factors contributed to the success of the involvement and what might have been improved. A series of recommendations for good practice have been developed from the common themes that emerged across all the case studies.

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Categories: report
service users and carers
research commissioners
mental health survivors
general principles of good practice
lessons from direct experience of involvement
identifying and prioritising topics
designing of research
managing research
undertaking research
analysing and interpreting data
writing up and disseminating
recruiting people to be actively involved in research
training and supporting service users
staff in research organisations
General guidance on involving the public in research

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