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Title: Beyond our expectations: A report of the experiences of involving service users in forensic mental health research
Author: Faulkner, A.
Date Published: 2007
Reference: London: National Programme for Forensic Mental Health R&D
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This report summarises the experiences of four different research projects funded by the National Forensic Mental Health NHS R&D programme which involved service users in a number of different ways. It is based on interviews with researchers and service users who worked on the projects.

The report reflects on the challenges and facilitators to involvement as well as the benefits. A major benefit was that these projects contributed to challenging stigma, both within and beyond the forensic services.
Benefits for the research included:
  • better quality data through engaging users as researchers to collect data from their peers
  • recruiting people to the projects who would not normally take part
  • better analysis and interpretation of the data by including the users' perspective
  • more accessible information for participants to ensure fully informed consent
  • more accessible and appropriate questionnaires.

Benefits for the researchers included:

  • learning to share power and control
  • greater knowledge and understanding of users' experiences
  • enjoyment and satisafaction in their work.

Benefits for the service users who were involved included:

  • new skills and knowledge
  • working with others
  • greater confidence
  • a stepping stone to work.

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