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Title: Communication between people with schizophrenia and their medical professionals: A participatory research project
Author: Schneider, B., Scissons, H., Arney, L., Benson, G., Derry, J., Misurelli, N., Nickerson, D. & Sunderland, M.
Date Published: 2004
Reference: Qualitative Health Research, 14(4), 562-577
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To undertake a participatory research project with a group of people with schizophrenia under the guidance of a university researcher.

Method: Members of the research group participated in all stages. They chose the topic - experiences with medical professionals - and the method of data collection - in-depth interviews with each other. They also developed and performed a drama presentation of the results and? recommendations for how they would like to be treated by professionals.

Findings/recommendations: Taking part in this research was a transforming experience for the people involved. It made an enormous contribution to their quality of life and sense of self. They were proud to have been members of the group and to have investigated what they thought was an important topic.

The user researchers had all been subjects of research and at the beginning of the project did not believe they were people who could do research. By the end they had a strong sense of themselves as researchers. They saw that they could identify problems, come up with ways to investigate them and produce solutions. This experience increased their awareness of themselves as people who could make significant contributions to society.

The project also made an important contribution to healthcare practice by influencing the psychiatrists and other professionals who came to their performances. One professional commented on how they had changed how they interact with their patients as a direct result of hearing the group members speak about the project.

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