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Title: Public involvement in research: How can organisations collaborate to improve involvement?
Author: Davies, R & Evans, D.
Date Published: 2010
Reference: Bristol: University of the West of England
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To undertake a scoping exercise to identify experiences and share learning on current systems and practice relating to public involvement in health and social care research.

Methods: Interviews were conducted with researchers and service user research partners from 14 stakeholder organisations in the South West region of England.

Findings: The authors identified the key issues and challenges for the organisations involved in terms of taking forward public involvement and also in terms of collaborative working. They propose five different options for future collaboration. In the course of the interviews, they also identified a range of ways of in which the public have been involved in research in the region. A number of case studies describe what difference this involvement made.

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Categories: health
public health
social care
Identifying topics, prioritising and commissioning
Designing research
Managing research
Writing up and disseminating
impact on research
impact on service users involved
nature and extent of public involvement in research
impact of public involvement

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