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Title: User controlled research. Its meanings and potential
Author: Turner, T. & Beresford, P.
Date Published: 2005
Reference: Eastleigh: INVOLVE
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: To find out about the definition, nature and operation of user-controlled research.

Methods: The authors carried out a literature review as well as interviews and group discussions with service users and service user researchers.
Findings/recommendations: The report discusses:
  • defining user controlled research
  • good practice for user controlled research
  • whether the researcher should be a service user
  • the benefits of user controlled research
  • the barriers facing user controlled research
  • the future of user controlled research.

It also makes recommendations about taking forward user controlled research and suggests that an effective strategy would need to address:

  • sharing knowledge about user controlled research
  • recognising the resource implications
  • training to support user controlled research
  • including black and minority communities
  • safeguarding the future of user controlled research.

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Categories: health
public health
social care
reflecting on public involvement in research

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