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Title: Patient involvement in research programming and implementation: A responsive evaluation of the Dialogue Model for research agenda setting
Author: Abma, T., Pittens, C., Visse, M., Elberse, J. and Broerse J.
Date Published: 2014
Reference: Health Expectations doi: 10.1111/hex.12213. [Epub ahead of print]
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: The Dialogue Model involves multiple stakeholders in identifying and prioritising research questions. It was developed and is now used in the Netherlands. This study followed up nine different agenda-setting projects to see whether there was any subsequent impact on research programmes and funding. Fifty-four different stakeholders including patients, researchers and funding agencies were interviewed, and three focus groups were held to discuss the findings. The study found very limited impact of agenda-setting on subsequent research. A wide range of factors had an influence. Firstly, commissioners of agenda setting projects did not always consider what they wanted to do with the patient priorities, nor did patient involvement continue in the following stages. When researchers were involved in the agenda setting process, there was a greater chance of the research priorities being adopted. Timing was a problem when priorities were set after deadlines for funding applications. Researchers may also need support and resources to develop new research areas in line with the patients’ agenda. These issues need to be considered at the start of agenda-setting projects, to ensure that the exercise is meaningful.

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