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Title: Mechanisms can help to use patients’ experiences of chronic disease in research and practice: An interpretative synthesis
Author: Morrow, E., Cotterell, P., Robert, G., Grocott, P. and Ross F.
Date Published: 2013
Reference: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 66(8), 856-864
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: This article reports the findings from a literature review that aimed to identify the mechanisms by which patients’ experiences of chronic disease can be used to improve outcomes, health care costs and quality of life for individuals. Ten different mechanisms were identified, including involving patients as co-researchers in healthcare research and participative action research. The different mechanisms were compared and their strengths and weaknesses described as far as possible. Information about their impact is limited. The authors suggest that a greater understanding of these mechanisms could help determine which mechanism works best in different contexts, and also help find ways to link the learning across them.

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