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Title: Partners in projects: preparing for public involvement in health and social care research
Author: Parkes, J., Pyer, M., Wray, P. and Taylor, J.
Date Published: 2014
Reference: Health Policy, 117(3), 399-408
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: This article reports on the development of a training programme for patients/ members of the public to prepare them for involvement in research. The aim of the programme is to provide people with knowledge of how research works at the same time as supporting them practically and emotionally. It also prepares people to work as a member of a team. The course has been delivered over four years to five different groups of service users including adults with learning disabilities, teenage mothers and formerly detained female patients. A number of the participants have gone on to be involved in research and two have designed and led their own projects. The content of the course has been refined over time incorporating feedback from the people who received training. They were asked for their views immediately after training and then 12 months later, following experience of being involved. The delivery of the programme has been modified to suit the needs of different groups, but essentially includes weekly two-hour sessions, run over a period of eight weeks. Based on their experience, the authors have identified five elements that they suggest should form the basis of all training for involvement in research. These are: 1. Core content: research methods 2. Context: patient and public involvement in research, benefits and methods 3. Collective: team work, roles and responsibilities, communication skills 4. Internal: personal reflection on interpersonal skills, personal strengths and coping strategies 5. External: aupport from others, fior example through peer support, supervision, practical resources.

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