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Title: Introducing patients’ and the public’s perspectives to health technology assessment: A systematic review of international experiences
Author: Gagnon, M., Desmartis, M., Lepage-Savary, D., Gagnon, J., St-Pierre, M., Rhainds, M., Lemieux, R., Gauvin, F., Pollender, H. and Légaré, F.
Date Published: 2011
Reference: International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 27(1), 31-42
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: Aim: To review international experiences of patient or public involvement in health technology assessment (HTA). Method: A systematic review of the literature. Findings/ recommendations: The review identified two main ways that patients/ the public are involved in HTA: 1. They participate in the research used to assess new technologies/ services. Their views, experiences and opinions are sought through interviews and focus groups. 2. They are involved in the HTA process – selecting and prioritising the technologies to be assessed, being actively involved in the design and delivery of the research used to assess new technologies, and helping with dissemination of the findings. The authors conclude that bringing in the patient perspective could add important dimensions to the evaluation of new technologies that might otherwise be missing, for example defining outcomes for treatments that are most important and meaningful for patients. However, they also conclude that more rigorous studies of public involvement are required to identify how to expand involvement activity in HTA and to evaluate its impact.

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