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Title: Sustaining patient and public involvement in research: A case study of a research centre
Author: Jinks, C., Carte, P., Rhodes, C., Beech, R., Dziedzic, K., Hughes, R., Blackburn, S. and Ong, B.
Date Published: 2013
Reference: Journal of Care Services Management, 7(4), 146-154
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: This case study of patient and public involvement (PPI) development examined the factors that led to sustainable involvement in research, at a primary care research centre in England. The centre set up a research user group (RUG) which discussed research proposals with researchers. The key factors contributing to long-term success were identified as: having a dedicated PPI budget; establishing stable centre infrastructure funding for PPI, rather than project-dependent funding; leadership from a senior academic who sits on the Institute’s Management Board and promotes the work of the RUG; a dedicated PPI co-ordinator who can explain the value of involvement to researchers; a support worker who supports the RUG members; flexible and informal approaches to meetings; adapting timetables and environments to meet the needs to RUG members; allowing time and space to develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

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