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Title: Involving disabled children and young people as partners in research: a systematic review
Author: Bailey, S., Boddy, K., Briscoe, S. and Morris, C.
Date Published: 2014
Reference: Child: care, health and development, doi: 10.1111/cch.12197 [Epub ahead of print]
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: Aim: To find out about best practice in involving disabled children and young people (DCYP) in research. Methods: A systematic literature review. Findings/ recommendations: There are several different ways to recruit DCYP including through schools, hospitals, in the community and online. Guidance recommends explaining exactly what being involved will entail and using appropriate language in different formats. Practical challenges include meeting communication and access needs and finding ways to support and empower DCYP. It is also important to explain to parents what their role is, so they don’t become gatekeepers to their children and prevent them from having a say. However, overall the authors conclude that the quality of the reporting of involvement is so low, that is not possible to draw strong conclusions about best practice.

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