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Title: Identifying research priorities in anaesthesia and perioperative care: final report of the joint National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia/James Lind Alliance Research Priority Setting Partnership
Author: Boney O; Bell M; Bell N; Conquest A; Cumbers M; Drake S; Galsworthy M; Gath J; Grocott M P; Harris E; Howell S; Ingold A; Nathanson M H; Pinkney T; Metcalf L
Date Published: 2015
Reference: BMJ Open 5, 12, e010006
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: Objective To identify research priorities for Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. Design Prospective surveys and consensus meetings guided by an independent adviser. Participants 45 stakeholder organisations (25 professional, 20 patient/carer) affiliated as James Lind Alliance partners. Outcomes First ‘ideas-gathering’ survey: Free text research ideas and suggestions. Second ‘prioritisation’ survey: Shortlist of ‘summary’ research questions (derived from the first survey) ranked by respondents in order of priority. Final ‘top ten’: Agreed by consensus at a final prioritisation workshop.

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